We have all taken tests. Many times. And,  after most tests, if not all, we get informed of how we did.  What was my grade?  Did I pass? What areas did I do well in. What areas require future study. Obviously, If we want to improve, WE MUST KNOW OUR SCORE!


There is one area in our professional lives that we rarely get a score from: The Job Interview. I, like most, have been on job interviews that I thought went well. I had a nice discussion about the open position and how my talents could help the company grow. After a handshake and a thank you, I waited. I waited some more. No call. No email. I continued to wait. The longer you wait the more you start to wonder; How did I do? And finally after your follow-up calls and emails go unnoticed, you come to the realization that you will not get invited back. It's so cruel.


Then your mind really starts to wander. Did I come across as incompetent? Did I talk too much? Did they really have an open position now? (Some companies perpetually interview.) Did they find someone that was just slightly better than I was?



The Personal Interview Review that follows your Mock Interview  helps answers these questions. An open and honest review of your Mock Interview by an experienced hiring manager can be invaluable. You will know exactly how you did! Using our Interview Analytics, our Interview Review consists of a raw score on the 34 distinct areas that our firm evaluates during your mock interview. For most clients this is the "ah-ha" moment. 

Now you know your score.

The Personal Interview Review: How did I do?