The Mock Interview: Value From Experience


A few years ago, as I was interviewing yet another candidate for an open position at the professional firm that I was with, it occurred to me - this interview has tremendous value for the candidate, regardless of the outcome. It would do very little for me unless I found the candidate I was looking for, but it was all part of the process: interview 6 to 10 candidates to find the best fit.

The young candidate struggled mightily through the standard request: "so tell me about yourself." He continued to struggle with the other questions that I asked him. Some of his answers were adequate but most just lacked any real substance. He said nothing to make me say; wow! For him, I am sure it was a battle. For me it was excruciating. He must have felt a tremendous sense of relief once it was over.

He had worn a wrinkled shirt with an outdated tie. He failed to shave that morning and had no shine on his shoes. He knew very little about the firm and failed to ask any meaningful or insightful questions about the position. I'm guessing that when he left that day he felt good about his interview. And, like most, he sent no "thank you" email or card - a grave mistake.

Over the years I'd had many interviews similar to this one; a qualified candidate on paper with minimal interview skills! He said or did little to impress me! What a shame. I had just wasted an hour.

But for the candidate, I realized that this interview had significant value. He gained invaluable experience. He did not get invited back, but the experience he had gained was like gold. Sadly, for the candidate, that experience came at a price. No second interview, or no job offer. He would never know just how bad his interview was and how he could improve.


It occurred to me on that day: This interview has real value.

Not a mock interview with your roommate, your spouse, or your college counselor. No. A mock interview with an actual experienced hiring manager that has spent countless hours of time interviewing and searching for the most impressive candidate - because hiring the wrong candidate would cost actual money!

At Interview Tutor, the mock interview is the centerpiece of what we do. It forces you to:

 - Find our office

 - Be on time

 - Dress appropriately

 - Sweat some

 - Think

Our interview prep service is the best available. Its the most realistic, specific, and targeted mock interview and review available.

That is where the true value lies: THE EXPERIENCE.

That has value!