"Never in living memory has the competition for job openings been more intense. Never have interviews been tougher. This is the bitter fruit of the jobless recovery and the changing nature of work."

                                       -William Poundstone


The Job Interview:

An interaction between you and the hiring manager.  It's your first impression and so much depends on this interaction! Your interview skills will most likely determine your immediate future. You get nervous just thinking about it!

There are over 30 specific areas than can be used to evaluate an interview. In  a competitive job market, this makes your interview critical. You just got more nervous.

Will you impress enough to be given an offer or will your interview  eliminate your opportunity? Are your interview skills an asset or a liability? Did your interview live up to your qualifications? Did you get invited back for a second interview? Did you get offered a position? If not, why so?

The Interview Tutor system will help answer these questions in advance of an actual interview. Our service prepares you.

Lets face it, the more you prepare, the better you'll perform during the job interview. That preparation only increases your odds of securing the job that can create a lifetime of opportunity. 

Selling Your Skills, Experience, Education, and Potential:

Ultimately, when you interview for a position, you are selling yourself. You are trying to inform the hiring manager of your skills and persuade them to give you an opportunity. (Inform + Persuade = Selling)

Sales skills can be taught and practiced. Unless you are a professional salesperson, you may be unaware of these skills. You are selling your education, your experience, your abilities, your enthusiasm, and your ability to fit in with the team. Interview Tutor can help with these sales skills.

With our service, you participate in a mock interview with an experienced hiring manager - not your roommate, college counselor, or your spouse. We believe our mock interviews are more realistic, specific, and beneficial than any other prep service available. We have recruited, hired, and trained candidates for years in the workforce. We know a great interview when we see one.

After your mock interview, we use our Interview Analytics to conduct your Personal Interview Review. We review and grade your interview on over 30 specific areas. We make specific, tailored recommendations to improve your interview skills. These improved skills will help you get hired.